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Rental Rates

Here at Okanagan Beach Rentals, our easy to operate recreational watercraft offer a very wide variety of get-on-'n'-go fun for the whole family! We're also committed to providing top notch service and good solid value. With lots of parking, large rental fleets and comfortable easy beach launching, you can just show up and get on the water anytime!* It's first come first serve with bookings only necessary for large groups. We have single and double kayaks, paddle boards, 

pedal boats, water trikes, canoes and more! Whether you're thinking of paddling, pedalling or just chillin', good healthy fun on the water awaits you!


operational hours >>


*Weather, forecasts and lake conditions permitting. We may close due to wind, rain or choppy water.

Watercraft for all ages and skill levels!

Our wide range of recreational kayaks for beginner to intermediate are super easy to operate, very stable, comfortable and a whole lot of fun to paddle! We offer both sit-in and sit-on-top single and tandem kayaks in a variety of sizes.

Rental includes PFDs (life jackets), marine safety kit, a few tips and preparing you and your kayak for launch.

Rental Rates 


Little Kids Kayak - 6'       $ 10 / hr     $ 15 / 2 hrs         

sit-on-top  (up to 75 lbs) 


Single Kayak - 8'6 to 10'      $ 20 / hr     $ 35 / 2 hrs


Single Kayak - 10' to 14'       $ 25 / hr     $ 45 / 2 hrs


Tandem Kayak - 12' to 14'       $ 35 / hr     $ 60 / 2 hrs

sit-in and sit-on-top

Frequent Rental Packages 


Single Kayak    1hr x 5 pack - $ 100    10 pack - $ 200

Tandem Kayak    1hr x 5 pack - $ 150    10 pack - $ 300

Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs)

We have a large selection of paddleboards ranging from kids 8' on up to 12' for the bigger paddlers. Our SUPs provide 

great stability, performance and a whole lot of fun!! From novice to experienced we know you'll love the ride!

Rentals also include a short orientation, PFD (life jacket), leash and preparing your board for launch.

Rental Rates 

SUPs - 10'2 to 12'           $ 25 / hr     $ 45 / 2 hrs     

fiberglass or inflatable


Junior SUPs - 9'              $ 15 / hr     $ 25 / 2 hrs

soft top


Kids SUPs - 8'                 $ 10 / hr     $ 15 / 2 hrs


Frequent Rental Packages

9' Junior Board    1hr x 5 pack - $ 60    10 pack - $ 120

10'2  to 12' Board    1hr x 5 pack - $ 100    10 pack - $ 200

Joy of Paddleboarding.png
Pedal Boats

Take a leisurely trip along our pristine shorelines or just float, kick back and relax. Our pedal boats can accommodate up to a family of five. You also have the option of a covered canopy if you prefer to be shaded from the sun.

Rental includes PFDs (life jackets), optional canopy, 

marine safety kit and preparing your pedal boat for launch off the beach.

Rental Rates 

Our Pedal Boats seat 2 adults + 3 small children.  

$ 35 / hr     $ 55 / 2 hrs 


Price includes optional sun canopy!

Pedal Boating.jpg
Water Trikes

Looking for splashes and giggles or maybe a good leg work out? Our vintage water trike fleet has been thrilling families on Okanagan Lakes for over 35 years! And now, at our Kelowna locations, we offer all new super-sized and canopied water trikes! Stable, safe and crazy fun! Floating trikes you pedal on water may just be the thing for you! 

Rental includes PFDs (life jackets), sun canopy, marine safety kit and preparing your water trike for launch.

Rental Rates 

Super-sized Water Trikes seat 2 adults + 1 child.

$ 35 / hr      $ 60 / 2 hrs


Vintage Water Trikes seat 2 riders (up to 165 lbs)

$ 25 / hr      $ 40 / 2 hrs

Vintage Trikes available only at our Provincial Park 

locations and super-sized at our Kelowna locations!

The Joy of Watetrikes.png

If you're seeking that traditional lake paddle adventure in the open comfort of a recreational canoe, come on down! 

Our canoes have plenty of room for all your stuff, they're stable, comfortable and totally 'green'! 

Rental includes PFDs (life jackets), marine safety kit, a few tips and preparing you and your canoe for launch.

Rental Rates 

Canoes seat 2 paddlers and 1 extra passenger.      

$ 35 / hr      $ 60 / 2 hrs      $ 100 / half day (4 hrs)


Canoes are approximately 16' in length.

family in canoe.jpg

We look forward to getting you out on the water!

Rental Season Starts May 15th!
Operational Hours for our Kelowna Locations.


May 15th – June 20th 

Thursday to Sunday  12 noon to 5:00 pm 

(last rental at 3:45 pm)

(weather, wind forecast and lake conditions permitting)

June 21st – Sept 2nd  (Labour Day)

Open Daily  9:30 am to 8:00 pm 

(last rental at 6:45 pm)

(weather, wind forecast and lake conditions permitting)

After Labour Day – Sept 15th

Thursday to Sunday  12 noon to 5:00 pm 

(last rental at 3:45 pm)

(weather, wind forecast and lake conditions permitting)

Operational Hours for our BC Parks Locations!

Sun-Oka Beach Provincial Park    

June 29th – Sept 2nd  (Labour Day)

Open Daily  10:00 to 6:00 pm

(last rental at 4:45 pm)

(weather, wind forecast and lake conditions permitting)

Bear Creek Provincial Park    

June 29th – Sept 2nd (Labour Day)

Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 to 6:00 pm

(last rental at 4:45 pm)

(weather, wind forecast and lake conditions permitting)

We accept all major credit cards.

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